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Life is Art


Happy 2015 from EU!

New Years Resolutions.  Have you rolled your eyes yet? Yes, we know most will involve well intentioned promises to 'get fit', work less, and eat better.  Hearing those statements over and over again make resolutions tiresome.  But how amazing is it to be given a 'new beginning'?  A new year is not just change to check-book writing.  It has the power to encourage us to reflect on our inner-world; how we see ourselves, see others, and influence the world around us.  So paramount that the changing of a number can coerce us to reevaluate our lives.  Those reflective moments, sans change, is enough to begin.  Simple awareness is the first step.  Congrats.  You've made progress.

Life is like art.  Creating whatever it is that we want to be.  The control we have in the artistic process is what allows for tangible change within us; physically externalizing inner images, thoughts, feelings, and/or movements.  One can choose to accept what is, or can use the control afforded by being the artist to alter, change and further influence what is to be.  What a metaphor. 

EU encourages you all this new year to take a few quiet minutes to sit with your own thoughts.  What comes to mind?  Pay attention to what your inner-self has to say.  Maybe awareness is all you need at the moment.  You'll know when it is time to be proactive.  Change your world.  Create.  Do.  Or perhaps... see.  Need imagery to inspire you?  We can help with that.

EU is Hired!

Everyday Unordinary is excited to be a part of a wonderful company's fall family picnic.  Watson Standard has chosen EU to take family portraits of its employees as they enjoy a beautiful day on a farm.  Apple cider, pumpkin picking, hayrides and undoubtedly smiles and laughter will fill the day.  Cannot wait to capture the memories!

Welcome to EU!

Welcome to Everyday Unordinary!

EU loves how photography captures not only a moment, but an emotion. Take time to look at the world around you.  So much beauty surrounds us.  So much beauty lies within us.  Allow yourself to feel.  Fill your world with meaning.  Fill your world with art.

EU can help you with that...